We strive to give you an affordable online digital presence

You choose where you want to be represented. A website is a must. It is affordable and it is a reference point from where you can launch all the other digital platforms.

We do however recommend that you consider at least two social media platforms as well

Your website – Our service offering

Web Design and Development

We will design your website not only using your choices, but by making proposals based on our creativity and experience.
Items will include:
• A logo
• Colours
• Layout (header, footer and menu items to name just a few)
• Use of photos

Website Hosting

Our website hosting service offering includes:
•The hosting of your website with unlimited traffic
•One free .co.za domain name
•Annual renewal of the .co.za domain (even for domains transferred to us from any other service provider) 
•Unlimited e-mail addresses

Web Maintenance

Our Website Maintenance offering provides continuous support on a monthly basis consisting of:
• Performing any changes you require
• Ensuring regular backups are done
• Monitoring availability to maximize uptime.

Your social media presence

Social Media

We will assist you to establish your presence on the social media platforms of your choice.
Monthly or more frequent postings and updates in conjunction with yourself will be managed accordingly.

Enhancing your digital presence

Graphic Design

With a qualified designer on board, we will assist you in creating vivid graphics as a theme for your site, linked to a stunning designed logo, ensuring a standardised identity.