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You need an online presence without paying a fortune

You work hard to be successful. Be known via your own website and social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram to name a few

Why you need a digital presence, RIGHT NOW!

Everyone and every business needs to be connected to the digital world. One thing that the Covid 19 pandemic taught the world is that business need to continue without physical presence. Yes, this may vary from industry to industry, but the result is that people are looking towards the digital platforms to find businesses. Let us explore a few of the platforms to determine the potential exposure.


With 2.989 billion active users, facebook ads has a reach of approximately 2.49 billion users with 2.04 billion users visiting facebook daily!


The total potential reach of Instagram ads is 1,63 billion users, 31,4% of total internet users, growing by 310 million users a quarter

You Tube

Total potential reach of ads on You Tube is 2,53 billion users, 48,8% of total internet users, growing at a modest 13 Million people per quarter

Linked in

Linkedin, primarily a business platform, has a potential reach of 922,3 million users, 17,8 % of total internet users, growing at 22 million users a quarter

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By posting regularly with relevant focused content that will appeal to your target market. Keeping content relevant and fresh. Offering specials to visitors.

In our monthly offering we include a monthly maintenance of all social media platforms. An increased frequency can be negotiated for an additional price

WordPress is the most popular Content Management System (CMS) used by big corporations as well as sole proprietors and bloggers. We use WordPress for website development.

Your website is built according to your needs. You will not pay for anything you do not need. The monthly cost is based on your requirements and is structured taking the initial development into account as well as the monthly maintenance and hosting. The prices varies from R 200 per month for a normal advertising site to R 500 per month for a site that incorporates an on-line shop.

We will need very little from you in fact. We use the following to prepare a draft of your website for your comments:

  1. A business card and letterhead (if you have it)
  2. Your three favourite colours (if you do not have specific colours for your business)
  3. Your preferred font (if you have a specific preference)
  4. Photos of your services and / or products (if you do not have good quality photos we can arrange photos to be taken for you. See our photography offering above)

We strive to obtain a page load speed score of more than 90 out of 100. We will optimise graphics, photos etc. to keep the website as lightweight as possible to improve speed

We make use of designers to offer you a choice of designs. Should you have a design you want to improve upon, we will engage to designer to assist.

You can grow your mailing list by offering visitors a “gift” that they can download when subscribing to your website.

No, you do not need to sign a contract. We do the development and hosting of your website at our risk. We are however confident that you will not want to move to another service provider or cancel your website as we will give you professional and timeous service.

You can cancel at anytime and will only pay until the end of the month that you cancel in. Should you cancel within 24 months of your website going live, there are two options available to you:

  1. You abandon everything and have no payment except for the month in which you cancel.
  2. You request the transfer of your website and your domain from us. Depending on the complexity of your website there may be a pro-rata development fee payable in order to complete the transfer.

If you have remained with us for 24 months or more, we will gladly transfer your domain and website to another service provider at no cost to you.